BWCMF Pit Pass

Immerse your senses from this exclusive vantage point.

The Pit is located between the end of the catwalk and the front of the house. It has the best sightlines and sound.

  • See the finest details, from freckles to frayed denim.
  • Feel the air move as the artists make their approach down the catwalk.
  • Hear the same show as the audio engineer.
  • Smell the hard work and comradery that goes into a multi-month tour.
  • It’s all so close you can practically taste it.

The fine print:

Pit Passes are valid for a full Festival day. They are to be used in conjunction with Festival admission tickets, which are sold separately. A limited number of passes are available for this unique experience. Your Pit Passes will not be mailed. Instead, you’ll pick them up at the Will Call tent at the Festival, be sure to have your photo ID handy.