Brownsville Community Partners

The City of Brownsville has a lot to offer. From sightseeing to shopping, restaurants, and more. Take the time to visit and enjoy some local flavors and scenery.

Local stores are open for business and happy to help during your stay at the Festival. Whether you’re looking for supplies and equipment or just a little fun—you can find it here!

Oregon Lamb

Anderson Ranches … naturally grown Oregon lamb. Oregon lamb is a delicious lean, tender and protein-rich meat. A product of a humane and natural environment, our lambs thrive in the lush green fields of Brownsville where they’re free to roam and grow at their own rhythm. The lambs graze on grass only; there are no antibiotics, hormones, or food bi-products. Make Oregon lamb a healthy tradition for your family. • 541-466-5866 •


In a veteran’s time in service, a brotherhood was formed. Everything that you did, you did together. Then comes the transition out of the military, and that brotherhood is left behind. The camaraderie, the war, the connections. Who do you trust now? Who do you follow? Who do you lead? LINK UP VETS is here to help find the path you want in this life. Veteran ran, and veteran supported. Together we can accomplish all. “The Battle Is Ours”.

Visit Linn Coalition

The greater Linn area is Oregon’s premier rural visitor destination known as the place most admired for its hospitality, natural beauty and one of a kind experience.

The Visit Linn Coalition (VLC) consists of various organizations in Linn County who are interested in promoting tourism and working closely with Travel Oregon to take full advantage of efforts being made at the State level to promote Oregon. The group has been together for nearly six years and consists of representatives from municipalities such as Sweet Home, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Albany, Brownsville, Scio, Halsey, Tangent and Linn County Parks and Fair & Expo.