Everything You Wanted to Know about Camping

...but were afraid to ask

Camping passes are assigned on a next-best-available basis, and may be renewed annually.

Check In / Out

RV and tent campers may arrive as early as noon on Thursday, August 11 to check-in, and stay as late as noon on Monday, August 15 to check-out. Campers entering the property at Anderson lane must have all of the paperwork they received in their camper’s packets ready to go.


Parking for one vehicle is included with each camping pass. Additional vehicles passes (limit 2) can be purchased for $50 each. The owner of the camping pass must purchase extra vehicle passes through the box office PRIOR to the Festival. The deadline to purchase extra vehicle passes is Friday, July 8, 2016 at 6PM. ALL vehicles must have a pass or it will not be allowed past the property entrance, there are no exceptions to this rule. Call the Box Office at 541-345-9263 and purchase your passes today. Read the FAQ here.

Off Road Vehicles

So you brought your toys, goodie for you, we’re all impressed. Now park it in your campsite and leave it there for the duration of the Festival. ATVs, dune buggies, golf carts, runaway bumper cars, wheelbarrows, and show ponies have no place on the Festival grounds and are thus not allowed. This policy is strictly enforced.

RV Camp Spaces

RV camp spaces are designed to accommodate six adults. One RV, and, if you like, one small tent are permitted on your RV site. All RVs and trailers must be parked front to back in the campsite; no horseshoeing, boxing, etc. The Festival grounds are located on a working ranch, there are no hookups for RV camping.

Tent Camp Spaces

Tent camp spaces are designed to accommodate six adults. Two tents are permitted on your tent site.

Camp Hosts

Camp hosts are available in each camping area to assist campers in finding their sites and to answer Festival-related questions. Camp hosts sites are marked with a “Camp Host” placard next to their site marker. Our Camp Hosts are there for your safety, assistance, and to ensure your Festival experience is a pleasant one.

Campfires & Cooking

Propane grills and above ground propane fire pits may be used to prepare your outside food and beverages at your campsite. Campfires, wood burning, and charcoal grills are not permitted; PROPANE ONLY, this is strictly enforced. If it makes a spark, the answer is NO.

Safety & Courtesy

No loud noise in camping area after midnight, this includes generators. No dumping of grey or waste water on Festival property.

Quiet Time

Linn County, where the Festival is located, has an ordinance that must be observed by all campers. This means voices must be quiet by midnight, generators shut off, singalongs reduced to the slightest of murmurs, and all whooping and hollering canned for the night. This code is strictly enforced by both on-site security as well as Linn County Deputies. At 9am it’s game on, until then, nighty night little camper.

Rules Schmools! What if I don’t want to follow them?

It’s very simple: if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll be asked to leave. If you don’t leave, you’re trespassing. If you’re trespassing, one of Linn County’s friendly deputies will escort you out.


For the safety and enjoyment of all Festival campers, alcohol is not permitted outside of the licensed venue area. This means no alcohol in the camping or parking areas. Read our alcohol policy in full.

Sanitation Services

All camping areas include portable toilet facilities, hand washing units, RV pumping and complimentary trash pickup.


RV and tent campers arriving on the property Thursday should bring in enough water to last them until late afternoon on Friday. RVs in need of a tank fill must contact the potable water service, located on-site, or fill their tank prior to entering the Festival grounds.


Have ice delivered directly to your campsite! Central Linn High School students can be flagged down while driving through the camping areas between the hours of 10am and 6pm. You may also pick up your own ice from the ice truck between 8am and 8pm. All proceeds from ice sales support the Central Linn Booster Club.

Trash Pickup

Complimentary trash pickup is available Friday through Sunday, between 10am and 5pm. Simply place your bagged trash at the corner of your campsite and it will be picked up by someone from the Central Linn Booster Club; no appointment is necessary. If you are leaving the grounds after 5pm on Sunday, take it with you; do not leave it on site.


Camper’s shower facilities are located on the Festival grounds. We encourage you to pre-purchase a three-pack of shower passes for $15 by Friday, July 8 at 6PM so your passes are waiting for pickup at the shower station. If you prefer standing in line with cash, towel and rubber duckie in hand, you can purchase individual passes from the attendant at the Festival for $5 each. Showers are open from 7am to 7pm, your bathtime cannot be pre-scheduled.


Pets are allowed on a leash in your campsite. Campers are expected to clean up after their pets. Animals are absolutely, under no circumstances, to be left inside vehicles (RVs, trailers, and campers are fine if they’re cool; use your judgement). It is far too hot. Nothing will corral a posse of angry, animal-loving country music fans faster than a dying dog in a hot car. Plus, we’ll kick you out faster than you can spit.