Getting to the Festival

With thousands of country fans converging on just a few rural roads, your vehicle will be just one of many filled with excited fans, weary drivers, and children who have to pee...right now.

Knowing your access point will help make the trip more efficient. All parking and camping entry points can be accessed from both the East and the West.

How to get to 36866 Holley Sweet Home Highway in Brownsville

Traveling from the North

Best Alternate Route

Take Hwy 34 E / Exit 228. Travel 1/4 mile East on Hwy 34 to 7 Mile Lane, turn Right (South). After turning onto 7 Mile Lane, follow the continual signage and flaggers to Brownsville Road, then to Kirk Ave., which then turns into Northern Road. Northern Road connects with Hwy 228 just east of the event location. It is 21.5 miles after turning off of I-5 to the Festival Grounds.

Other Routes

You can take 99E from Albany, Highway 20 or 34 through Lebanon and Sweet Home, or you can drive I-5 South all the way to the Brownsville exit. I-5 is generally the highest traffic route and takes more time.

Traveling from the South

Best Alternate Route

Take I-5 to Hwy 105. Take the exit for Marcola Road, follow Marcola Road to Hwy 228. Take Hwy 228 to venue.

Other Routes

You can take 99E through Junction City to 228 or Marcola Road up to 228 from the East. You can drive I-5 North all the way to the Brownsville exit. This route has the heaviest traffic and takes more time.

Travel Routes Map