Renewals are open! Call the box office at 541-345-9263 to renew today!

Early renewal greatly increases your chance of moving!

Seated behind a jackass amateur videographer?
You know the type—compelled to capture every dark, blurry moment on stage that they’ll never watch again. You just want to slap the phone out of their hands and yell, “Live in the moment!” ...ahem... Alas, we digress...

Stuck camping next to Ralph and Alice Kramden?
It’s exhausting to listen to that “witty banter” through a couple of nylon flaps. It’s nearly impossible to not contribute your own color commentary after an hour of their bickering.

Upgrade eligibility is given on a first-come, first-to-renew basis. Fans with confirmed renewals of their current tickets or campsite are among the first to be considered for upgrade opportunities. Just let us know when you call to renew.

Give us a call at the Box Office: (541) 345-9263

If you’re on the wait list but ineligible to renew because you’re a GA ticket holder or don’t have a campsite, don’t fret! The folks whose seats you’re salivating over were already ahead of you; you’re not getting bumped further down the line.

Not the gamblin’ type? Completely happy with your seats and your camping space? You still have until September 30 to renew your seats.