...or PPs for short.

When nature calls, she ain’t leavin’ no voicemails. That’s why we’re offering Festival campers the opportunity to rent a private toilet for the entire weekend. You can have it all to yourself, or share it with your neighbor; the choice is yours.

Let us set you up with your very own PP:

  • Porta Potties will be dropped off in the right rear corner of your campsite on Thursday.
  • Each unit is 4' x 4', only standard units are available, handicap fitted units are not. There are handicap accessible toilets located in each camping section.
  • Each unit will be stocked with four rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Units will not be serviced during the weekend. Bring your nice, soft toilet paper from home if you think you’ll go through more than four rolls.
  • You can (and should) bring a lock so that only the people you want touching your PP can. We are not responsible for drunken idiots or entitled jerks attempting to use your unit.