Sayers Campsite Directions

For best results, arrive early.

This year, Sayers Camp fans will enter through Sunset Road, one mile East of the Anderson Ranch Access Road. Traffic arriving from the East may enter through McHargue Lane. Please plan ahead for your best route and give yourself plenty of time to get there.

How to get to 36866 Halsey Sweet Home Highway in Brownsville

Download a PDF of these directions

Scout Out Your Site Early

Download a PDF of the Festival Campsite map

Download a PDF of the Festival campsite map and know where you’re headed once you reach the Festival grounds.

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Tickets and Parking Passes!

The Festival is completely sold out, replacements tickets will not be available at the gate; this includes parking passes, you will not be allowed to enter the venue without one.

Extra Vehicle Passes

The only overnight Festival parking is at campsites. Every vehicle entering the Festival camping area must have an extra vehicle pass, there are no exceptions to this rule. Two motorcycles may park in one space. Additional passes (limit 2) must be purchased by calling the Box Office at 541-345-9263.

Do Your Part to Keep the Line Moving

The Parking Pass you display on the lower right side of your vehicle window allows flaggers to easily identify you and direct you to your lane quickly. Familiarize yourself with the route you will take. Remember, alternative routes may be less congested.

Place your parking pass in the lower right of your vehicle window.